Rocky Mountain Raceway

In late January we were reached out to by Rocky Mountain Raceway about a possible partnership. Their rep told us it was their last season, and at the end of race season the raceway would be getting torn down. He presented us with a “Sky’s the limit” situation. That sounded exciting, and we knew the phenomenal team here would take this opportunity and run with it. And that’s exactly what we did. After we got the green light In early March to move ahead we started concepting, and had our opening press event on June 5th, 2018.

With an incredible final product, a great turnout by local press, and some local leadership speaking, this project was a resounding success. Our client was very happy with what was produced, and even happier with the $48k calculated publicity value given to us by local news coverage for that single day. This install continues to get significant attention from the patrons at the raceway who attend its many events throughout the summer.

Below are a few of our initial mockups followed by artwork, and final product. Biggest among the ideas was a mini van monster truck. We went after this very seriously. We found a truck, a driver, and transportation. The one thing we did not find was a van mold for the monster truck. Without the possibility of turning this into a monster mini van, that idea sadly was abandoned. However, we did still do some really cool stuff. See our initial mockups below. (Artwork and mockups from Destin Cox, Abigail Parsons, Ryan Izant Hang Hyun Lee, and Brett Smith)

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  • Date June 5th, 2018

Monster Mini Van Concept. This concept almost happened but we were not able to find a mold for a mini van.

Brain Crash Mockup.

“Keep Your Kids on Track” walkway mockup.

“Damaged Brain” mockup.

Caution lap flag mockup.

Beer cups with a reminder for parents mockup.

Brain Stencil artwork.

Walkway signage.

Walkway stencils.

Concept changed from delivery van to demolition derby car.

Derby car decals.

Brain produced and delivered. Both the car and the brain are forklifted over jersey barrier and installed into position.

Look it’s me painting beer bubbles!

Late night with our production manager as she touches up my spray paint work.

One of several spray painted brains.

Final artwork for car crash.

Various news stations. Came to see our speakers which included West Valley Mayor, West Valley police lieutenant, local business owners, youth leadership, and Parents Empowered leadership.

View of the install.

Messages on walkway.

Walkway Signage.